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Learning Differently
EC-Council Academia is an innovative education initiative that delivers information and security skills to improve career and economic opportunities around the world. It is a comprehensive learning program. The EC-Council Academia solution provides college textbooks ( EC-Council Press), online courses, assessment exams,  CBT videos and lab activities via iPrep, iVideo, iExam, iLearn and iLabs platform. It also prepares candidates for industry leading EC-Council certifications exams such as CEH, CHFI, ECSA/LPT.

Learning Tools
  • Each EC-Council Academia course is a self-contained learning object that can enhance a blended course or an online course
  • Contains rich media and graphics to address different learning styles
  • Allows for self-directed, personalized instruction
  • Includes optional instructor resources
  • Assessments mapped to module learning—use them for quizzes, mid-terms, finals or pre-tests
  • Recommended assignments and activities to support the topic
  • Recommended discussion questions
  • A Library of More Than 30,000 pages of course materials
  • Stand-Alone Modules (Learning Objects)

Become a Student Become an Instructor Become an Academy


Learning Solutions for the Institutions
The Academia solution is exclusively offered to only institutions of higher learning including Universities, Polytechnics, and Technical Colleges
Students must be enrolled into an institutions full time or part time diploma, degree or graduate degree programs to qualify
This is not meant for the professional market and universities offering our professional training will not be allowed to use these contents.
Academic Rigor + Certified Skills
  • Today’s world requires graduates who have academic degrees and certified skills
  • Certain certifications have curriculum that meet industry standards
  • Academic department will have current learning contents and a valid method of assessment
  • Employer will be provided high caliber entry level candidates
  • Graduate wins since he/she will be more marketable
Be a Learning Partner
The Academia offering is exclusively available only to Universities and other education providers globally. To become a partner, please click on this link.


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